Book Title: Rocket Science by KM Neuhold

Published: September 27, 2019

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

Relationships aren’t rocket science. If they were, I might stand a chance of figuring one out.


Saying I’ve had a crush on my best friend’s older brother, Pax, most of my life is like saying the big bang was just an explosion. It’s true, but I’m not sure that quite captures the essence of its true enormity.

I know he’s only hanging out with me because I’m new in town and getting my PhD doesn’t leave me with much time to make friends. And even if it did, my strength is mathematics, not friend-making. What I don’t understand is why he kissed me… why he seems to want to keep kissing me. I don’t think my advanced physics knowledge is going to help me figure this one out. But I think for once I’m okay with not knowing, as long as Pax and I don’t know together.


He’s still the awkward Nerdlet I remember…he’s also probably the cutest, most tempting man I’ve laid eyes on. I know I should keep my hands off him, but this thing between us is like a force of nature. I want to be his first everything. He says we’re nothing more than atoms crashing into each other. I’m no scientist but I don’t think either of us are braced for the explosion.

**** Rocket Science is a stand-alone MM romance featuring an inexperienced nerd, a cocky player, and a satisfying HEA

Sometimes, a light and sweet read can be both a good and a bad thing.

Rocket Science has caught my eyes the first time I was introduced to K.M. Neuhold’s books, but it took me quite a while before finally reading it. I guess I’m afraid they’ll turn out to be a hit or miss after enjoying Caulky.

Did I like the book? Definitely. It is sweet and angst-free which suits my stressful week. Though, for the first few chapters, Elijah’s awkwardness and constant self-deprecating comments bug me. It’s not that I was annoyed, more like, I wanted him to, at least, like himself more.

Elijah and Pax are cute and hot together. But that’s the thing, as much as I like those two and how I love seeing them together, I wish there is more pining and low-key angst. That makes the ending sweet but kinda anticlimactic after all the oh-no-hes-my-brothers-bestfriend dilemma at the start.

Also, there’s this Theo plotline that isn’t resolved. I’m guessing it’s because he’s going to get his own storyline soon. I’m crossing my finger on this one or else I’m gonna be so mad on his behalf lol.

I liked K.M. Neuhold’s writing, but there are some repetitive words and actions here that needs to be edited. I guess these actions show the character’s habits? I get it the first time. I’ll let it slide the second time. But rehashing the sweated palms/pushing up the glasses/grabbing the front of his shirt for the nth time? Puh-lease.

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